These Are the Best Exercises for Shoulder Pain

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It’s become too much to handle.

Your shoulder pain has become a nuisance, and you can’t do anything without thinking about it. It seems like a struggle to grab groceries off the top shelf. You’ve tried a few pain relievers from the pharmacy, but nothing is working.

After tossing and turning for hours in bed, you’ve decided enough is enough. It’s time to get rid of the pain. However, you don’t know where to start.

You can start by reading below. We’ve provided the best exercises for shoulder pain.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a common occurrence. While it can be mild in many cases, some people have found it to be debilitating. It can greatly affect their work-life and cause financial issues.

One of the most prevalent shoulder pain issues is rotator cuff disorders. The rotator cuff is our reason for having so much mobility in our shoulders. Interestingly enough, the shoulder is the most mobile part of the entire human.

Sometimes shoulder pain can be tricky to pinpoint because there are so many muscles and tendons in and around the shoulder. The shoulder, a ball-and-socket type joint, is made up of 3 major bones and 2 major joints. In the rotator cuff alone, there are 4 tendons.

Some causes of shoulder pain include tendonitis, pinched nerves, neck injury, or dislocation. Mild cases may only last a week or two while some shoulder pain is only fixed with surgery or consistent physical therapy.

Your doctor may even prescribe you medicine to decrease inflammation within the shoulder. Seek medical attention immediately if you think your shoulder pain is a result of cardiac arrest.

Loosen Your Neck

Believe it or not, one of the best stretches to relieve shoulder pain focuses on the neck. You could be experiencing a lot of tension held within your neck and shoulder due to stress.

Take a second to breathe with a deep inhale. On your exhale, lower your head to stretch out your neck.

Slowly lean your head to the left, and you’ll feel a stretch in your right shoulder. Hold this for about a minute, and switch the other side.

Do this for about 4-6 minutes, alternating sides. You can even let your head hang forward in the middle for a quick stretch.

Go in Circles

Want to take some preventative measures with your shoulders? Do some arm circles to strengthen your shoulders. This will help with lifting tasks, such as carrying in the groceries from the car.

Stretch out your arms while standing, like you’re balancing on a tightrope. Swing your arms forward in a big circle, feeling the rotation in your shoulder.

Do this for about one minute. Once the minute is over, switch directions and go backward with your circles. It’s a quick, easy shoulder exercise to try out at home.

Break Out the Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way to relieve any sort of tightness in the body, including shoulder tightness. A daily yoga session will do wonders for your body. It’ll also help to keep you mentally grounded throughout the day.

You can try yoga in the morning to stretch before the day, or you can do a few yoga poses before bed to relax the body. It’s a great excuse to switch off the mind and relax.

A great pose to alleviate some shoulder pain is Child’s Pose. Come to your hands and knees, and bring your two big toes together behind you. Spread your knees so they align with your hips.

Start pushing your hips back as your belly starts to sink between your knees. You’ll stretch your arms out towards the top of your mat. This pose is relaxing and gives your shoulders the stretch they need.

Another great shoulder pain preventative exercise, while you’re down on the mat, is push-ups. You can either position yourself in a full plank or bring your knees down to the floor.

Even if these exercises hurt a little bit from the movement, sometimes movement is the best thing for shoulder pain. Make sure not to overdo it, and talk with a doctor when something feels wrong.

Sit for a Bit

Some exercises for the shoulder don’t even require getting up from your chair. You can perform a seated twist as you sit for your lunch break.

Sit down in a chair with a straight back, legs together. Twist at the waist towards the right, keeping your back straight. Place the back of your left palm on the outside of your right thigh, and twist deeper into the stretch.

Stay here for about 30 seconds, breathing in and out. Then slowly twist the other direction, placing the backside of your right palm on the outside of your left leg.

End the Work Day With a Deep Stretch

After a long day at the desk, it’s best to end with some deep shoulder stretching. All you need is a wall.

Stand a couple of feet in front of a wall with your feet about a foot apart. Press your hands into the wall, arms extended straight out in front of you. Hinge at the hips, bringing your chest towards the floor.

As you keep your hands firmly on the wall, send your hips back a bit. Hold the position as you deeply breathe in and out for about 30 seconds. Make sure not to place your hands too far up the wall.

Try These Exercises for Shoulder Pain Relief

Dealing with shoulder pain as you continue through your daily tasks is aggravating. Find relief by trying out the exercises for shoulder pain above. Remember, talk to your doctor if you think anything is seriously wrong.

Find a few moments in your day to either do some preventative exercises or to stretch after a long workday. Your body will be thanking you, and you’ll notice a difference in your shoulders.

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